Mann 1, Sirkel, The Landing, artist self portrait
Mann 1, Sirkel, The Apparition, artist self portrait
Mann 1, Sirkel, The Fight for the Huts, artist self portrait
Mann 2, Paradigm, Deja Vu, artist self portrait
Mann 2, Paradigm, Flux, artist self portrait
Mann 2, Paradigm, Anomaly, artist self portrait
Mann 3, Behold, The Man, artist self portrait featuring Far
Mann 4, Becoming, Salmon Farm, artist self portrait
Mann 4, Becoming, Sacrifice, artist self portrait, featuring Karin
Mann 4, Becoming, Cornerstone, artist self portrait, featuring Pia


Bjørn Venø has always felt that half his existence was lost to darkness, never to be remembered, always existing in the corner of his eye, if he turns to focus on it, what was sensed evaporates. The moment that created this endless sensation happened at the tender age of three.

Norway 1982, the Venø family were driving to Måløy in their reed Opel and little Bjørn was in the backseat of the car, strapped into a black leather child’s seat. From where Bjørn was looking mesmerised at the landscape passing by, out of focus. A moment came when Bjørn could sense reality stronger than he ever had, enabling him to follow a thread that led to what was beyond death, which in turn gave access to a question that had never been asked. Unfortunately, the moment evaporated when their car violently smashed into a truck, forever disconnecting Bjørn from his epiphany.

Bjørns mind was never the same again, a door had shut behind him. However, the event became an experience that kindled his desire to embark on a quest that only could be made by someone willing to walk along the edge of oblivion, looking for a door that only exists in the realm of madness, in the hopes that one would be able to return with what one discovers. And so Bjørn Venø became an artist.

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