Album Cover: BX, Arthemy 2019
Album Cover: BX, Augmented Manipulation 2018
Album Cover: BX, Enslaved By Freedom 2017

BX: Music

Dark, spatial and asynchronous electronic music made with intuition and feeling.

Music might be considered the most powerful art form, in that it seems to have direct access to the human spirit. Which Bjørn Venø believes has made it a prime target for the greedy that wish to take for themselves.

Venø does not consider himself to have musical talent in the traditional sense but believes he has a lot to give humanity and therefore found himself writing and creating music.

Title: Arthemy

The 13 track album will arrive in July 2019 and be available at: 

BX, Arthemy 2019
Title: Augmented Manipulation

Outsider music made with intuition and feeling.

The second album from the greatest fool and unsuccessful artist the world does not want, but surely needs.

Experience the second album at:

BX, Augmented Manipulation 2018
Title: Enslaved By Freedom

Bjørn Venø had not listened to music for 10 years, but one day in Atlanta he met Sirius Bee, who encouraged him to make music.

Experience the first album at: 

BX, Enslaved By Freedom 2017