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Every second Sunday of the Month I publish a Zine.

You can support the project with a donation through PayPal

For a donation of $5 or more, I will post 2 Zines to anywhere in the world.

For a donation of $30 or more, I wil post 2 Zines once a month for 8 months to anywhere in the world.

For anyone living in the US who donates $60 or more, I will create a box with the cover of your choosing from any Zine except the bonus issues. For anyone living outside of USA, it would be a donation of $70 or more. NOTE: Zines not included.

For anyone donating $100 or more, I will create a box that will have a one of cover. NOTE: Zines not included.


NOTE: This project was advertised as free, but I have reached the maximum amount of 50 subscribers for free Zines.


email: info@bjornveno.com



The content of the Zines are as follows:

Quotes from the Manifesto on why I believe art is important and why I choose to continue to make work that fails in a capitalistic society.

The graphic novel: ‘I am an Artist’ which is an attempt at visualizing the trepidations of the creative endeavour.

The fairy tale that I wrote for my daughter born 2017 ‘Gwendolyn and Demon the Butterfly’.

The performance project ‘1on1’ where I visit people in their homes to perform a repetitive action in the attempt at creating an alternative form of connection.

Lyrics from my music project BX.

Some of the Zines feature a link to a snarky online test called Q to see if an alien will abduct you.

Every Zine also features one artist that took part in the online project KUNSTspace.com, which was inspired by the surrealist game ‘cadavre exquis’.

In addition to the regular Zines, I create bonus issues that focus on a singular project.


Zine 1 Bonus: One Enemey Zine 2 Zine 3
Issue: 1 | 10 September 2017
Bonus: One Enemy | 25 September 2017
Issue: 2 | 15 October 2017 Issue: 3 | 12 November 2017
Zine 4 Zine 5 Zine 6
Issue: 4 | 10 December 2017
Issue: 5 | 14 January 2018
Bonus: Unplanned Actions A & B | 30 January 2018 Issue: 6 | 11 February 2018
Zine 7 Zine 008 Zine9 Zine Bonus 3
Issue 7: 11 March 2018 Issue 8: 8 April 2018 Issue 9:13 May 2018 Bonus: The Licensed Fool Workshop London & China | 1 June 2018
Zine 11 Zine 12 Zine 13
Issue 10: 9 September 2018 Issue 11: 14 October 2018 Issue 12: 11 November 2018 Issue 13: 9 December 2018



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