Snatch Pixels


This image will slowly reveal what work of ART
people are investing in (scale 1:400)


I believe in the importance of art, that it can inspire, challenge, stimulate and even help us evolve. This is my goal, but to achieve that I need support, from the rich to the pore, because art is for everyone. This is why I created the project PXsnatch, where anyone can afford to buy tiny fragments of a image by 'snatching Pixels'.

Destroy a work of art to create something NEW.

When you snatch pixels from my image you destroy the artists copy and become the sole owner of that section.

At the end when the art work is sold, I will try to reassemble the image, but I will be at your mercy, You get to decide if you want to lend your pixels to me or give fake ones. The recreated image will be displayed and priced so that you would make a profit if it is sold, but only to anyone who lent their pixels to be printed.



Within 5 working days of snatching pixels you get an e-mail with a .tif file containing the amount of pixels you have snatched and a map that shows where your pixels belong in the image.

The artist Bjørn Venø choose from where in the image the pixels are taken and his decision is final. When a pixel is snatched the original is destroyed.

There will be no other full size versions of this image sold or given away by the artist.

The two only existing full size copies of the image when all pixels have been sold will be the one scattered across the net and the one printed version.

You can do what ever you want with your snatched pixels, sell copies of them, give copies away, publish them, print them etc. However you are the only one who can lend the pixels to the artist and potentially make a profit.




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