Bjørn Venø, Bjorn Veno

Bjørn Venø believes art that explores and challenges can help humanity evolve in a positive direction. Venø works with photography, video, performance art, writing, drawing and music in the hopes of creating such art. Ideas of failure, identity, gender and metaphysics are explored by using free association, intuition and attributes of the fool.

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2010-2012 MA in Photgoraphy, Royal College of Art

2003-2006 BA in Photography, University College for the Creative Arts

2001-2002 University of Oslo, Epistemology and Philosophy of Science, Examen Facultatum and Ecamen Philosphicum.

1998-1999 Danvik Folke høgskole, Film and media


2012- Present, Freelance retoucher for artists

2012- Present, Licensed Fool Consultant

2005- Present, Artist

2013-2015, Visiting Lecturer at Royal College of Art, London

2006-2014, Technical Tutor at University College for the Creative Arts, Rochester

1999-2001, Private in Norwegian Compulsory Military service, worked for the Navel academy's Internal Television


Solo Exhibitions

2013 Licensed Fool. TENDERPIXEL. London, May-June.

2009 MANN. fotogalleriet [format]. Malmö, Sweden, August-September.

2009 MANN. Nettie Horn. London, February-March.

2008 Sirkel. Fotografiens Hus. Oslo, Norway. August.


Group Exhibitions

2017 Bodies On Display at The Mammal Gallery.
Atlanta, USA. September

2017, Stavanger, Norway. July-October

2016 Bodies On Display at 368 PONCE.
Atlanta, USA. July

2014 Vestlands Utstilingen

2013 DigitaLive, GuangZhou, China, November - January 2014.

2013 National Open Exhibition, UK, November

2012 The Norton Museum of Art. West Palm Beach, USA. Rudin Prize for Emerging Photographers, September-December.

2012 SHOW RCA. London, UK. June-July.

2012 Craig Turner Gallery. March.

2011 HIGH ALTITUDE photography festival Switzerland. July–September. Buy Catalogue.

2011 Royal College of Art. Folkstone June-July. Curated by Nadia Thondrayen and Ulrika Flink.

2011 Royal College of Art. interim show. London, January.

2010 The Nottingham Workshop "The Public are Not Invited" November- December.

2009 Farmani Gallery Xto Image Awards. New York, USA. July

2009 Joiners Shop. May-June

2008 Three By Three (3) Invited by JJ Charlesworht. December-January

2007 Aqua Art Miami Art Fair. Represented by Nettie Horn.

2007 Photomeat presents ''Meat'. Gallery Laviande. London. November-December.

2007 YEAR 07 Art Fair at County Hall, Westminster Bridge Road. London. Represented by Nettie Horn, October

2007 'Beauhemia' Nettie Horn London. July-August.

2007 'Romantic Ant-Humanism' Curated by Francis Summers. Five Years. Lodon. June-July.

2007 'ECCE HOMO' The Brick Lane Gallery. London. March-April.

2006 Documentary: My Back Yard exhibition at Calumet Photographic London Photographic Awards, London. October-November.

2006 AOPOPEN London. June

2006 Art in Mind. The Brick Lane Gallery, London. July.

2006 Univeritey for the Creative Arts, Rochester, UK. June. Graduation show.

2006 "2005 Pilsner Urquell IPA Best of Show" Curated by Debra Weiss. Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Canada, Rome, Italy Perpignan, France, Lodz, Poland and Prague,

2005 London Photographic Awards Ad agency exhibition at Saatchi & Saatchi

2005 "Paper cut cult presents Subverting Genesis at the Ship In"



2013 Emmanuel College 10th of June to 10th of August.


Public Aperance

2017 17 March 7:30-10:30pm talking / performing at Critical Juncture. Emory Conference Center Hotel, Atlanta, USA.


TV / Radio

2017 27 March conversation with Shannon Turner and Kirstin Mitchell on the Radio show The North Avenue Lounge at WREK 91.1 FM

2017 Kirstin Mitchell and I tok part in the buckydomezone project by Meredith Kooi. We spoke about Vulnerability in performance Art and Subversion in performance Art.

2010: Featured in the TV programe NASJONALGALLERIET on NRK2.



2018 June 16th opening of 'Breaking Myth' an exhibition of Contemporary Photography, at Museo d'Aumale in Palermo, Sicily. I will be showing work and doing performances. Creative Director Salvatore Lo Sicco. List of events on Eventbrite

2017 September - Creating monthly free Zine's, e-mail me your postal address for a physical coppy.


Organizer / Curator

2016 Organized at 368 PONCE, with Catherine Rush and Joey Molina.

2016 Created the online collaboration art project

2015 Organized 4 workshops in how to be a licenced fool at 368 PONCE, Atlanta, USA

2015 Organized the Internationa Performance Art Festival, with Julia Kröner, Anita Eide and Jessica Venø, Selje, Norway, July

2014-15 Organized monthly workshops in how to be a licenced fool at Standart Thinking, London



2017 September. Performed Activate during Atlanta Streets Alive for Eyedrum. Atalanta, GA, USA.

2017 September. Performed Evolution at Murmur Gallery. Doors Can Dance curated by Nadya Zeitlin. Atlanta, GA, USA.

2016 July. Performed Standing Together at 368 PONCE, Atlanta, GA, USA.

2016 July. Screned Video Performance 'Moving Water' with Live music by The Errorists at The Art Lab, Sun Pier, Chatham, ENGLAND.

2014 June. Performed 'Outside In' at Untouchable Curated by Franko B, London, ENGLAND.

2014 June. Performed 'Bread and Circus' and 'Tomato Head' at Live Action 9 curated by Jonas and Joakim Stampe, Gothenburg SWEDEN.

2013 November. Performed 'We Are All Monkeys' at Guangzhou LIVE, YouYou Contemporary Art Centre curated by Jonas Stampe. Xiaozhou Cun, CHINA.

2013 November. Performed 'We Are All Monkeys' at Macau International Performance Art Festival, MIPAF, Oxwarehouse, CHINA.

2013 September. Performed 'Living the Dream' at INFR'ACTION 9 curated by Jonas Stampe and Nadia Capitaine, FRANCE.

2012 July. Performed the 'Holy Artist' at AND festival, event Machines By Other Means curated by Christina Millare, Manchester, ENGLAND.

2012 May. Performed 'A workshop in how to be a fool' at Tropical Heat curated by Mette kjaergaard Praest and Egle Kulbokaite at RCA. London, ENGLAND.

2012 May. Performed 'The Father and his three sons' at OPEN BOOK: RCA Performance and Live Art work at Testbed 1, curated by Jack Tan and Nigel Rolfe. London, ENGLAND.

2012 May. Performed 'Tusse Kallet' at The Association of the London Colleges of the Arts at the Old Vic Tunnels. London, ENGLAND.

2012 April. Performed 'The Holy Artist' at Craig Turner Gallery. Maidstone, ENGLAND.

2011 December. Performed 'Audie Murphy, Texas' at RCA Battersea, ENGLAND.



2017 September -. Monthly Zine, self published

2016 Hear Me, self published

2015 Inside 48A, self published

2012 Featured in the art News Paper 'Kom til Deg i Tidennde' by Lars sture, Anne/Marie Creamer and Kjetil Berge. Editions 'What is The News?' and 'Why am I here?'

2012 Featured in Seeing For Others

2012 Fool and the Hero, self published

2012 Holy Artist, self published

2012 FAR, self published

2012 MANN, self published

2011 Article in Sleek Magazine (issue #31 Autumn 2011)

2011: Featured in High Altitude: Photography in the Mountains by Nathalie Herschdorfer

2010: Featured as one of the best new artists in Britain by The Observer: The New Review (page 16). Read the online article here

2010 Beautiful Decay Book 3: The Underdogs, a book featuring up and coming artists.

2009 Exposure in The British Journal of Photography (Issue04/02/09)

2008 Interviewed by

2007 Made in Medway, a book featuring artists from Medway,UK.

2006 Featured in Hasselblad News (Issue No. 48, Sep 2006)

2006 Featured in The British Journal of Photography (Issue08/11/06)

2006 Featured in 2005 Annual IPA book

2000 short story published in the Norwegian Magazine DUO nr. 4


Album Release

2017 17 July. BX: Enslaved by Freedom

2018 1 April. BX: Augmented Manipulation



2016 Bursary from Diversestipend Kulturrådet, Norway

2012 Bursary from the ‘Leverhulme Trust’, England

2010 Bursary from ‘Eckbos Legater’, Norway

2010 Bursary from ‘Lise og Arnfinn Hejes fond’, Norway

2010 Bursary from ‘Ingrid Lindbäck Langaards stiftelse’, Norway

2009 International Photography Awards, Awarded 2 place for the photo series "Behold" in the category: People in non-professional, sub category: Self Portraits

2009 Xto Nude Image Awards. Awarded 2nd Category Winner in 'Body in Nature' for 3 pictures from "Sirkel"

2006 London Photographic Awards. Awarded Gold for my body of work 'Sirkel' in the category: Documentary: My Back Yard.

2006 International Photography Awards, Awarded 1st place for the photo series "Sirkel" in the category: People in non-professional, sub category: Self Portraits

2005 International Photography Awards, Awarded 2nd place for the photo series "Where are we?" in the category: People in non-professional, sub category: Other

2005 London Photographic Awards. Awarded 2nd place for the picture "Sparkle" in the category: Landscape - Landscape with Figures.



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Holy Artist

'Holy Artist'
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Fool and the Hero

'Fool and the Hero'
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