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Excerpt of the Fairy Tale: Gwendolyn and Demon the Butterfly, 'Book One: Transcendental Metamorphosis'




Dedicated to my dear daughter,

You are born to a world with values and priorities I do not believe in, a world I believe is harmful towards everyone in it. But together with your mother I hope the three of us can help towards creating a private world that is nurturing and encouraging towards becoming the best of who we are.

Your Father,




Prologue: The Dusty Cosmos

The Dusty Cosmos, some would say it is much like ours, but others would say it is nothing like it. Who is right? That is for you to decide.

Two worlds within the Dusty Cosmos are the world of Dag and the world of Kark. When the sun shines there are tall steal skyscrapers that rise from deep underground to sore high into the sky. The reflective vertical surface creates magical reflections of light that splits in to rays of colours as it passes through the crystal humanoid machines who fly among the buildings. The machines’ function is that of caretakers; their duties range from tending the trees and greenery that decorate the top of each skyscraper like a crown, to nursing the billions of people that reside within the buildings. These people live twenty-four seven in tiny boxes that are connected to an artificially created world, as there is not enough space for everyone to live on the planet proper. This is the World of Dag, which is governed by the F.Y. Group. The members of the F.Y. Group have been granted the privilege to live in the physical World of Dag, where they are lavishly and meticulously served by the crystal machines in castles and great mansions by the sea far removed from the steel city that covers most of the world. When the sun goes down all that disappears and a world illuminated by a strong moonlight emerges. This world is scarcely populated; those who reside here are strange and unpredictable creatures. This is the World of Kark.

Our story is about Gwendolyn who was a little girl that lived in a tiny box, in a tall steel skyscraper in the World of Dag. Her mind was connected to a virtual world designed to please her in anyway possible. Her parents were there, but not. Everyone connected to the virtual world lived in their own reality. That is confusing, I know. Let me explain further. Imagine that you like pink sunsets, then that is what you see, but your friend likes orange sunsets, then that is what he sees, and when he describes the sunset to you, you hear pink, but he actually says orange.

Gwendolyn was happy in this world. She had a friend the Cuddly Bear, who could always make her smile. She could always eat sweets and food she liked and her friends would tell her how great and wonderful she was. However there was the tiniest seed of discomfort in her. She never acted on it, but it was there like a constant invisible pain. Maybe it was that seed which caused the events to unfold as they did, but who can truly say?

If you are a little girl or boy listening to this story, then know that much of what happens during this tale cannot happen in your world, so please do not reenact what you hear in ways that can harm yourself and others.

With this said and done, lets begin a story sprinkled with wonderment, transformation, mystery and a dash of horror.

I: Demon the Butterfly

The sun was setting on the World of Dag behind grey clouds, and a polished yellow moon ascended. The moon’s orange light illuminated the World of Kark and there in a green field was Gwendolyn naked and disconnected from the virtual world she had lived in. Immediately she felt cold, uncomfortable and afraid. For the first time in her life she felt pain, and it shocked her to the point where she physically could not move a muscle. She desperately tried to close her eyes, hoping it would return her to comfort, but her body irrefutably felt the soft cold wind. Which to her, who had never felt a moment of unpleasantness, was like the utmost torment.

On the waves of the wind came a soft flutter and from the distance emerged a purple distortion of a butterfly with an odd face made out of a thin mesh of wires. The female creature was wielding a mighty big axe that never stopped bleeding. It abruptly stopped in front of the girl and said: “Why are you frozen still like a peacock in mourning?”

Gwendolyn replied in a tiny whisper: “Oh dear, Oh dear, Oh me, I cannot move a muscle neither an inch hear or an inch there, for I am in so much pain from the harsh cold wind that is tormenting my body.”

“Ah! You suffer from relative displacement. It is a long time since I’ve seen this ailment mind you, but I still know exactly the cure for your troubles,” said the butterfly and slowly raised the Bleeding Axe high and far, to which she brought it down on Gwendolyn’s neck swift and fast. Gwendolyn screamed out in agony that she never could have imagined possible. Gwendolyn was no longer frozen still, now she was shocked to see her body running in circles like a headless chicken, whilst her head, that’s where her eyes and brain were placed, looked upon this macabre scene.

“You see little girl, my great and mighty Bleeding Axe can never kill, no matter how many pieces I chop you into, you will never die. Do not worry about your current state of affairs. I can always put you back together again”, said Demon the Butterfly as she flew calmly over to the body running in circles, grabbed it by its arms and held it still. Demon the Butterfly looked in to the neck, where Gwendolyn’s head should be and cried silently until three purple glowing tears fell from her emerald eyes and landed on the wound. Then she picked up the decapitated head and placed it back on to the body with a plonk.

Gwendolyn blinked three times and noticed that the pain of the wind and that of losing her head were both gone.

“How do you feel?,” asked the butterfly.

“Much better. In comparison to having ones head chopped off the wind now feels like a feather’s touch. It is a delight, but I’m still greatly confused. May I ask for your name and why I am here?,” said Gwendolyn.

“My name is Demon the Butterfly. To why you are here that is a great question. The answer is as simple as the moonlight shining on my skin and as complex as to why one can never reach the moon no matter how far you walk.”

Demon the Butterfly smiled at this, but Gwendolyn was still waiting for the answer.

“And... What is your answer?,” asked Gwendolyn annoyed.

“Why to explore, like every other creature from the world of Kark,” said Demon the Butterfly proudly.

“I’m not from here,” replied Gwendolyn with a sharp tongue.

“But you are here now,” said Demon the Butterfly.

“I don’t want to be here. I want to be in the World of Dag with my parents and my Cuddly Bear where I’m always happy and never in pain,” said Gwendolyn.

“Sounds like a dreadfully dull world to my delicate ears, though if you desperately wish to return, I can give you the name of a creature who would be happy to tell you how to get home,” said Demon the Butterfly.

Gwendolyn waited for the name, but Demon the Butterfly hovered softly in the air bathing in the moonlight whilst all her tiny hairs were gently ruffled by the soft wind.

“And the name?,” asked Gwendolyn.

“Oh I was waiting for you to offer me something in return. That is the polite thing to do you see, especially since I have already done you one great favour,” said Demon the Butterfly.

“You chopped my head off,” snapped Gwendolyn.

“And if I hadn’t you would still be standing there in agony, please do not be so ungrateful. It is unbecoming for any thinking creature,” said Demon the Butterfly.

“I do not know what you want,” replied Gwendolyn.

“It is not what I want, but what I need that I desire. I can easily take what I want, but acquiring what I need is a delicate and difficult matter,” said Demon the Butterfly.

Gwendolyn stood flabbergasted staring at this creature. She was stumped as she had never heard of need before. For Gwendolyn there had only ever been want, and up until this dreadful moment all she ever had to do was make a wish and her desire would be fulfilled.

Finally Gwendolyn summoned the courage to ask, “I do not know what need is?”

“Need is what you don’t want, but nevertheless you desire it, because one knows it will help you become who you are. Let me give you a tip. I have already given you what you needed,” said Demon the Butterfly.

“I did not desire my head to be cut off,” said Gwendolyn.

“Yet that is the answer. You did not desire it, because you did not know you needed it,” said Demon the Butterfly.

“So... you don’t know what you need?,” asked Gwendolyn.

“Yes you are finally catching on,” exclaimed Demon the Butterfly.

“But if you do not know, how can I?,” asked Gwendolyn.

“Then there is only one thing you can do. Go out into the world of Kark and explore,” said Demon the Butterfly.

Reluctantly Gwendolyn walked away from the spot she had awoken and entered the heavy mist.



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